At Agile Defense, we deliver holistic and forward-thinking strategies to protect organizations from the continuously changing landscape of cyber threats. Utilizing a multidimensional approach, we combine the expertise of top professionals, cutting-edge technologies, and proven standards to minimize risks and strengthen security measures.

Highest Level Protection

Our cyber teams work tirelessly to stay ahead of emerging threats, providing advanced strategies and solutions to address the most complex security challenges. Whether serving national security or critical civilian missions, Agile Defense delivers resilient cybersecurity services and solutions to mitigate advanced and emerging threats

Cyber Operations

Agile Defense commands the full range of cyber operations, providing advanced solutions from Security Operations Centers (SOC) to Fusion Center Operations. Our expertise encompasses everything from monitoring and detection to incident response, leveraging contextualized and enriched threat intelligence, backed by our deep knowledge in optimizing security tools and analytic practices. This comprehensive approach equips organizations with the necessary tools to effectively identify, respond to, and mitigate cyber threats, safeguarding sensitive data and minimizing operational disruption.

Virtual Security Operations Center

Utilizing cutting-edge practices, we offer an all-in-one Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC) solution that combines advanced virtualized security monitoring, threat detection, and incident response services. This comprehensive approach empowers organizations to enhance their security posture and resilience without the added cost and complexity of a traditional SOC. Our VSOC capabilities enable effective threat detection and mitigation, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and protecting operations against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. Leveraging your existing investments, our service extends to include security engineering, vulnerability assessments, and threat hunting services, creating a robust ecosystem designed to fortify your organization against the most challenging cyber threats.

Cyber Systems Engineering

From secure system architecture design, SIEM optimization to custom platform engineering and development, Agile Defense delivers solutions that enhance cyber resilience and mitigate risks. We leverage secure engineering principles and technologies to enable seamless integration with customer infrastructure while providing advanced levels of security. 

Threat Emulation, Threat Intel & Threat Hunt

Agile Defense excels in providing advanced solutions and services that replicate real-world cyber threats via threat emulation exercises, enabling organizations to evaluate their security posture and preparedness effectively. We built the Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) system for DHS CISA – the federal government’s largest cyber threat intelligence (CTI) platform. We provide our customers a streamlined CTI ingestion and sharing capability in order to have access to a centralized interoperable CTI platform to efficiently exchange, enrich, and analyze CTI to better reduce cyber risk. Our proactive threat hunting services go further by actively detecting and neutralizing threats within networks and systems before they escalate into breaches. Utilizing established methodologies, enriched threat intelligence, and hypothesis-driven strategies, we offer complete threat detection and mitigation solutions designed for the most challenging environments.

Information Assurance & Compliance

Agile Defense assists organizations in managing risks and safeguarding assets by conducting thorough risk assessments, implementing robust security controls, and ensuring adherence to critical standards like NIST, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. Our extensive information assurance services apply stringent industry standards and regulatory frameworks to help our customers confidently address complex compliance challenges, effectively mitigating risks and enhancing protection.

Critical Infrastructure & Resilience

We are experts in strengthening critical infrastructure with advanced security operations, utilizing comprehensive operational practices guided by specialists in critical infrastructure protection. Our expertise spans from securing the supply chain to responding to incidents affecting critical infrastructure. Our primary goal is to enhance resilience and counter national security threats against civilian infrastructures, ensuring the uninterrupted functionality and safeguarding of essential assets against compromise in our interconnected world.



DuroSuite revolutionizes compliance with automated STIG handling, comprehensive auditing and remediation, seamless API integration, and a user-friendly interface, ensuring your infrastructure stays ahead of compliance curves while saving time and costs.


Agile Defense Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC) provides a complete SOC solution without extra costs or complexity. Designed to enhance any environment’s maturity, from growing enterprises to established operations, it secures your network using your existing investments.

Advancing Together

We listen carefully and collaborate closely to understand your challenges and build solutions for what comes next.