Bring It On.

At Agile Defense, we embrace the future as our current state of being. Our organizational culture thrives on continuous innovation, fueled by the distinctive viewpoints, knowledge, and skills of our dedicated teams.

Central to our ethos is a commitment to collaboration and transparent dialogue, which allows us to harness a variety of perspectives and skills, sparking innovation. From research and development to flexible execution, we are dedicated to achieving excellence in everything we do.

We Always Push Forward

“Bring it on” is our battle cry at Agile Defense—no challenge is too daunting. We stand united, empowering one another with the courage and creativity needed to provide our customers with unparalleled support. With unwavering commitment and unity, we are confident that together, we can achieve anything.


We are all different and that’s a good thing. We seek diversity and the perspectives that different people bring. Your unique experiences and outlook strengthen our collective potential. 


We are collaborative and generative in our approach to solving new challenges. We know that the answers are bigger than any one of us and only together will we achieve outsized results. 


We must challenge the status quo. The ability to see differently and develop new and innovative solutions is highly valued. We must explore and continuously reinvent to stay ahead. 

We’re Not Afraid to Have a Good Time

Our work is critical, but that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously. At Agile Defense we’re always ready for some fun! From happy hours, virtual bowling challenges, and scavenger hunts to our regional summer activities like renting out part of Kings Dominion or chartering a pirate ship, we take every opportunity to strengthen our sense of community and belonging. Throughout the year, our engagement team keeps it coming with gift-giving and recognition for the accomplishments and little things that make working here so rewarding.


The 6Hs

What makes us Agile? We call it the 6Hs, the values that define our culture and guide everything we do. Together, these values infuse vibrancy, integrity, and a tireless work ethic into advancing the most important national security and critical civilian missions. It’s how we show up every day. It’s who we are. 

Happy Be Infectious.

Happiness multiplies and creates a positive and connected environment where motivation and satisfaction have an outsized effect on everything we do.

Helpful Be Supportive.  

Being helpful is the foundation of teamwork, resulting in a supportive atmosphere where collaboration flourishes, and collective success is celebrated. 

Honest Be Trustworthy.

Honesty serves as our compass, ensuring transparent communication and ethical conduct, essential to who we are and who we support. 

Humble Be Grounded.

Success is not achieved alone, humility ensures a culture of mutual respect, encouraging open communication, and a willingness to learn from one another and take on any task. 

Hungry Be Driven.  

Our hunger for excellence drives an insatiable appetite for innovation and continuous improvement, propelling us forward in the face of new and unprecedented challenges.  

Hustle Be Eager.

Hustle is reflected in our relentless work ethic, where we are each committed to going above and beyond to advance the mission and achieve success.

Agile Defense
In the Community

We’re committed to having a positive impact in our community. Through volunteering and fundraising initiatives, we work together to give back and support causes that matter.


We value a clean and beautiful community and have been helping ensure that roads near our Reston HQ are clear of trash and litter.

Run! Geek! Run!

Every year our company engages in fundraising and participates in the annual Run! Geek! Run! 5K run. Our support has directly benefited Life with Cancer at Inova Schar Cancer.

Discover Your Purpose

Join a team where collaboration sparks innovation and your work has real impact.